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Happy Father’s Day to Single Mums | A Mind of Mary Doodle

This post was originally uploaded to on 19th June 2016

As you probably already know, the 19th June 2016 will be greeting the UK with a well-deserved Father’s Day. On this day, grateful offspring of all ages will be handing their equally-grateful fathers socks and mugs with the words ‘World’s Best Father’ printed on them. And, most importantly, this day will be a day dedicated to the sincere appreciation of perhaps the world’s greatest blessing that is a good dad joke.However, are dads the *only* people we should be praising on Father’s day? How about we bring our undivided attention to a lesser-known superhero: the single mother. According to the Families and Households report of 2015, there were approximately 2 million single parents in the UK last year – almost 90% of these were women! So, what is it that we should know about these brave, wonderful ladies? Well, not only do they dedicate their lives bringing up our next generation (a HUGE job in itself), but they also fill in for absent fathers (they’re two parents in one!).

So, to say a massive ‘thank you’ to all the women out there who selflessly carry out a job built for two (and own it) and to remind you/tell you how awesome you really are, here’s a little doodle!Happy Father’s day to all!

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