Here, you can find a broad range of examples of my illustrations, both for clients and personal purposes.

One somewhat comforting thing to remembe

Always reach out x

No words can justify how grateful I feel

I drew this piece about two years ago, i

All my cells love all your cells! Bodies

Time spent with loved ones is time well

Let someone know you’re thinking of them

For some kids, home isn’t a safe place t

Small steps._._._._._._._._._._._._

Let in the new 😊_._._._._._._._._

Hello, how are you doing__._._._._._

Hello everyone 🐥 How are you all doing_

Boo-tiful spirit

You are not alone

Storms don't least forever

If cats gave presentations

Commissioned by MyUCL news


All bodies are beautiful

The wound is where the light enters

You are truly wonderful

Spring is here

Jellyfish hearts

Hot air humour

Sole Mates


Believe in you

Happiness Equation

Commissioned by MyUCL news.

A bit of physics humour to begin the new

Coping with Stress

Commissioned by MyUCL news


Commissioned by MyUCL news.

For the women who were told they couldn'



from old website 1

mama ghost

1 in 4

eyes and mary

pencil mary from old website


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